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Frequently Asked Questions

Water-related Questions

Q: What do I need to do to initiate water service?

A: To begin your water service, you’ll need to:

  • Fill out the water service request form. The form is available online or can be picked up from City Hall at 302 S. Columbia Avenue in Rincon 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Attach a copy of your settlement statement or renter’s lease and a copy of your driver’s license.  If a real estate company, we will need a listing.
  • Pay a $100 deposit (for residential users) to complete your application. We accept cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. When mailing your application, do not send cash. Checks or money orders should be made payable to City of Rincon. A $150. deposit is required of all commercial users.
  • Drop off your application at City Hall from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or simply it mail it to:

    City of Rincon
    Attn: Water Department, New Application
    PO Box 232
    Rincon, GA 31326

Q: After applying, how long does it take for my water service to begin?

A: Applications received before 4:00 p.m. can be connected the same day.

Q: When will I receive my water bill?

A: Water bills are mailed before the first day of each month.  The City bills a month behind.

Q: How much will my water bill be?

A: Estimating water bills is difficult because each customer’s type of account and water usage is different. Click here for a list of actual rates.

Q: How do I have my water service cut off?

A: Disconnect applications must be submitted in person. Applications are available by clicking here or can be picked up at City Hall.  A photo ID is required of the account holder.

Q: If I have a problem with my utilities after hours, who do I contact?

A: The utilities department hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. In the event of an emergency, you can reach the on-call utilities staff person at 210-6237. Follow the prompt by entering your phone number, and your call will be promptly returned.

Garbage Service Questions

Q: When is garbage pickup?

A: Garbage pickup day is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of each week, unless a holiday falls on that day or an unforeseen problem occurs. Waste Management, the City’s garbage contractor, is responsible for customer notification of changes in pickup schedules.  Information is also posted on the web site and on the door of City Hall when provided to the City by Waste Management. If you have any questions regarding holiday pickup, please call 965-0300.

Q: How will I be billed for garbage services?

A: Your garbage charges are billed on your monthly water and sewer bill.

Q: How do I get a garbage can?

A: If you are moving into a brand new construction home, you will be issued a garbage can that will be delivered by Waste Management. within 7 days of the day you move in. If you move into an existing home, the garbage can that was issued to that address will then become yours.  If the cart is missing, the resident will need to contact City Hall to be placed on the list for delivery from Waste Management.

Annexation into the City of Rincon

Q: Why is the City of Rincon interested in annexing properties?

A: Rincon is both a residential and commercial hub for the Port of Savannah and for the City of Savannah, as well as being a key population city and commercial center in Effingham County. Annexing properties provides for a larger population base in planning for the future of the city and county, and obtaining SPLOST (County Sales Tax) funding, which is based on population, for new facilities, services, projects, and grants from State and Federal resources. It would also protect the county from the future advancing of the city limits of Savannah and Port Wentworth, into Effingham County. Rincon already has name national recognition (Billy Currington, Lost Plantation Golf  Course, and others), and its location on I-95, just inside the Georgia border, offers a large variety of tourism and commercial opportunities, and future job potentials for Rincon citizens and business developers.

Q: Would my mailing address change?

A: Most of the properties surrounding Rincon already have Rincon Post Office addresses. A few addresses might be affected. Correct addresses are important because of the protection link provided by E9-1-1 telephone service and first responders.

Q: Would annexation save me money?

A: Perhaps not in every case; but for the most part - Yes, very likely. If you compare property tax rates and service delivery costs in the City of Rincon, which has No Property Tax, with the services provided by Effingham County, residents should see cost savings, and be able to appreciate better and quicker services. The City charges a set rate for user fees, etc. in the City, and a different and higher rate if those services are provided to properties outside the City limits, due to additional requirements of providing services outside the City limits. So properties annexed into the City limits could save on lower rates (recreation, water, sewer, etc.).

Q: Would annexation negatively affect my property values?

A: No. Annexation into the City of Rincon should, in fact, increase the property values and marketability of residential and commercial properties, due to the lack of a City Property Tax, and the availability of quality City services at reduced costs to City residents.

Q: How would my police protection change?

A: The Rincon City Police Department would assume responsibility for all law enforcement operations. The Rincon City Council bases the man-power needs for law enforcement on the population of the City. As the City grows, the number of Police officers will increase. 24/7 coverage and quicker response is the goal, with immediate back-up from other units in the immediate area. Laws will be enforced to reduce speeding in the area, stop drug abuse and drug sales, and to catch criminals involved in illegal activity. The Rincon Police Department is a trained and qualified group of professional law enforcement officers.

Q: Would my water and sewer service change?

A: This may depend. Some areas are already under contracts with public or private water and sewer utilities, so those probably would not change. The City of Rincon uses several wells in the Upper Floridan Aquifer, but, by Court Order, the City must join with and purchase water for our excess needs from Effingham County and the City of Savannah in order to protect ground and surface water resources in this part of the state, and to avoid salt water intrusion into locally used aquifers which service other wells in the region and county, as well as our own. This may necessitate shifting property wells to accessible water pipes from the system, in order to better protect areas inside and outside the City. Some properties are still on septic tanks, and efforts will be made to develop a system for sewage disposal that will meet all requirements of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division regulations. In the future, this is likely to result in filling and closing some septic tanks, which may pose a threat to the household and/or the general community. The City will maintain and develop these water and sewer main systems, set utility rates, and manage billing considerations with the customers in mind. The City of Rincon is in the process of further developing a “re-use water” system for irrigation and some other purposes, which should reduce the withdrawal amount of ground water, reduce the cost of providing that water, and effectively manage that re-use water in a way that reduces the impact of it going immediately back into the creeks and rivers. The City is also working on some ideas to help citizens with ideas for rain water harvesting and other alternatives to help them reduce costs.

Q: Would annexation affect where my children go to school?

A: No. School attendance zone boundaries are handled by the Effingham Countywide School District and are unaffected by annexation. Effingham County is noted for some of the best schools in this region, which is a significant part of the reason that new residents are moving into the county.

Q: How would my trash pick-up change?

A: The City of Rincon has a contract arrangement with Waste Management for curbside solid waste pickup, once each week, billed with water bills. The rate from Waste Management is very reasonable, and is re-visited every year for adjustments. Residents are encouraged to recycle, where possible, using several local receiving points (WalMart – Lions Club, Habitat for Humanity, Georgia Pacific). The City is currently exploring recycling alternatives with Waste Management; and these should become more discussed and considered in the next year. Residents are encouraged to be mindful of what types of harmful products they put down their sewer drains, stormwater drains, and in the trash containers, and to dispose of these items properly. Various new information brochures are available at City Hall. Limbs and leaves (dry trash) can be picked up by the City Public Works Department by calling City Hall. There is a fee for large amounts of limbs and leaves. Residents are encouraged not to mix limbs and leaves with solid waste in the trash container, as these are recyclable.

Q: How would my fire protection change?

A: The City of Rincon Volunteer Fire Department has responsibility for a significantly large portion of Effingham County in the Southeast portion of the County, including the City of Rincon and a large unincorporated area surrounding the City. The Rincon Volunteer Fire Department is made up of people who care, from your community; and they are as good as they come. The City is considering several additional options (additional hydrants, larger piping, assigned staff, etc.) that might improve ISO ratings and reduce home insurance premiums over time.

Q: Would zoning change?

A: Not of any noticeable difference. The City Building and Zoning Department and the Growth Management Plan might use different names than before, but the same zoning potentials should be available in order to maintain the character of the whole community.

Q: Is the City of Rincon a financially strong municipal government?

A: Absolutely. Although the City of Rincon does not have a Property Tax, the needs and services of the citizens are being met through funding from strong financial sources, such as SPLOST and LOST Sales Tax and from user fees, permits, licenses, etc. where the resident pays for the services that he uses (recreation, water, sewer, etc.). The City Council spent several years preparing for a shift to a non-property tax funding for Rincon, and carefully reviewed the potentials before making the step. The City Council is dedicated to trying to maintain that status of no property taxes and a strong financial base. Even during the recent economic down-turns, felt nationwide, the City of Rincon has continued to provide the same level of quality services as in the past, while continuing to plan for and prepare for developing new and better services in the community.

Q: What kind of government does the City of Rincon have?

A: The City of Rincon operates under a Council-Manager form of government. This system of government combines the strong political leadership of locally elected officials with the education and managerial experience of an appointed manager. Under the Council-Manager form of government, elected officials (the Mayor and six City Council members) focus on policymaking and growth issues, while the City Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the City. The City of Rincon uses an at-large election system where the Mayor and half of the City Council are elected in one cycle for four years, and the other half of the City Council are elected two years later in staggered elections. In the City Council elections the City is a single voting district and the top three vote getters are the winners of the election. Staggering elections allows the Council members, still serving their terms, to offer information and guidance to the newly elected Council members and promotes continuity.

If you have questions, you are encouraged to speak with the Mayor or one of the City Council members; or communicate with the City Manager at City Hall, at (912) 826-5745, or at RinconCityMgr@cityofrincon.com.

Other Utilities Questions

Q: Who do I contact for electrical service?

A: Georgia Power
149 Power Company Road
Springfield, Georgia
(800) 437-3890

Q: Who do I contact for telephone service?

A: Call one of the following numbers depending on whether you are looking for service for you home or your business:

(800) 501-1754



Q: Who do I contact for cable TV service?


Q: Who do I contact for high-speed Internet Access?

A: For DSL call the telephone company listed above.  For cable, contact the cable company listed above.

Q: Who do I contact for gas service in my home?

A: Atlanta Gas Light Company

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: How do I get a building inspection?

A: All inspections are conducted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Requests for inspections can be made by calling 912-826-5996 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your call will be returned to set an appointment for your inspection.

Q: Does Rincon have a Chamber of Commerce?

A: The City of Rincon does not have a separate Chamber of Commerce, but the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce serves as a very dynamic and active part of our business community. You can reach them by calling 912-754-3301 or by visiting them at www.effinghamcounty.com.

Q: When are the City Council meetings?

A: All regularly scheduled council meetings are the second and fourth Monday of every month at 7 p.m., unless that Monday falls on a holiday or has another conflict for council. Meetings are held at Rincon City Hall.

Q: When is court?

A: All court sessions are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 4:30 p.m. in the Rincon Police Department Court Room located at 107 W. 17th Street. For information on court appearances and payment of fines, click here.

Q: How and where do I pay my fines?

A: Some fines require an appearance in court. If a court appearance is not required and you are a Georgia resident, you can mail your check or money order made payable to the City of Rincon to:

City of Rincon
PO Box 232
Rincon, GA 31326

You may also bring your payment to the City of Rincon City Hall at 302 S. Columbia Avenue.

Q: How and when do I sign my child up for recreation department sports?

A: Spring baseball and softball signups are held from the end of January to mid February. Fall ball signups are held the first half of July, and the season is from mid August to mid September. Soccer sign ups are held the last half of July, and the season is from mid September to mid October. For complete information on recreation department sports, click here. If you’d like to reach Recreation Director George Foley, please call 826-0238 and leave a message. A staff member will return your call as soon as possible.

Q: How do I get a business license?

Detailed information regarding business licenses is available by clicking here.

Please note that the mailing address for City Hall is:

P.O. Box 232
Rincon, GA  31326-0232

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